Eternal Installations
This is a surreal journey through a series of dreamlike environments, where large-scale art installations are stretching the boundaries of physical laws. The perpetual motion is the essence of these meditative installations, which together with the surrounding nature and the majestic environments creates a beautiful and serene atmosphere.

This short film explores a world where ‘oddly satisfying’ animations meet physical installation art. Going against the laws of physics, defying gravity and especially reality, the possibilities are potentially endless.

All pieces presented in the film are created as seamlessly looping animations, and it’s possible to view some of them as individual loops below. Sit back, relax and discover the beauty in eternal motion.

Concepts & Visuals by Andreas Wannerstedt
Music & Sound Design by un.studios
Sun Salutation
The Bridge
Down The Rabbit Holes
Eye of the Needle
The Juggler
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