This collection is based upon my thoughts and reflections on an imaginable Metaverse. When it comes to creating a virtual world it is obviously beneficial to base it on real world behaviours, we humans have a strong need for recognition and a world governed by familiar physical laws may be optimal on a practical level, but definitely not from an artistic point of view. One of the great features that comes with a virtual world is the fact that we are not restricted to three dimensions when designing environments and objects, we can use time as the forth dimension, which stores an objects shape and properties at a particular moment. An object can evolve over time and have its own independent timeline, it doesn’t even have to be linear. 

Ordinary things belongs in the ordinary world, in this series I explore how I want things to look and behave in my Metaverse; mesmerising, meditative and ever evolving. All five artworks are seamlessly looping animations with original sound design and music by Mert Gençer.
- Evolving Pottery -
- The Bouquet -
- The Bouquet -
- Rise and Fall -
- The Lone Sentinel -
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