Google CES Diorama
I was commissioned by Google to design a 12 feet cityscape diorama for the Google Playground at CES 2018. This small scale city showcased the interconectivity of Google Assistant across all kinds of daily interactions. With assistance from Oscar Pettersson, I designed various 3D buildings and structures to  incorporate displays, motors, lighting, LED, and small fog machines to simulate all the different interactions of a bustling metropolis.

The amazing people over at VT Pro Design  then 3D printed the miniature city and brought it to life with a whole gamut of creative technologies, including a moving freeway system of small cars, a pizza box that opened to reveal an LED pizza, small displays that showed possible google queries, a magnetized small scale roomba, a train track with a wireless camera mounted in the front car, and many others.​​​​​​​
Video from VT Pro Design
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