‘Layers’ is a series of 7 artworks, released as NFTs on Nifty Gateway on March 8th 2021.

To celebrate the ongoing explosion in the world of digital art and NFTs, I wanted to make something that bridges traditional and digital art, so I decided to take my aesthetics and my animation style and apply it to sculptures and busts, with roots in the traditional art world. The result is a surrealistic blend between digital sculptures and oddly satisfying animations, with the repetitive motion as the heart and soul. 

The center pieces of this series are the four “Layered Sculptures”; the Smooth Saint, the Guardian, the Nymph and the Explorer.
These artworks symbolises the nature of human personalities; on the outside smooth, whole and simple but inside layer upon layer, complex and deep. There are a lot of models that suggests that there are different amount of layers to our personalities, with a core in the centre, which is the real you. Then we all have "masks", personality layers that has conformed to conditioning. These mask layers is constructed by the beliefs and behaviours you’ve adopted to fit in and to be socially appropriate. Your mask layers are your public persona, the aspect most familiar to you and others. It’s the dimension of your being that you identify with most closely and readily. It’s about survival, which is so deeply ingrained, that you believe these mask layers to be your true self. 

Concepts & Visuals by Andreas Wannerstedt
Music & Sound Design by Darwood Music​​​​​​​
The Open Hand
The Flow
The Smooth Saint
The Nymph
The Guardian
The Explorer
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