Oddly Satisfying vol.9

Oddly Satisfying Vol. 9 is a series of different short loops, each one based upon the idea to trigger some kind of odd satisfaction and that inexplicable feeling we all know. This is a personal project posted on my Instagram during 2020.

The Hunt II
Sound design by Resonate
The Hunt
Sound design by Resonate
Parkour Connect
Sound design by Antfood
Smooth Serpents
The Toaster
Sound design by Plan8
The Tunnel
Sound design by Cypher Audio
Social Distancing
Sound Design by Mauricio Duda
The Rope-Dancer
Sound Design by MODEL 86
The Pendulum Floss
Sound Design by Zedd
Sound design by Box of Toys Audio
Mushroom Trip
Sound design by un.studios
When the Stars Align
Sound Design by Mauricio Duda
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